The teams of BUBA and Dan Dacijan
The teams of BUBA and Dan Dacijan

Excellent performance of BUBA basketball in Romania

December 15, 2013

The team of BUBA basketball for age under 12 had an excellent performance of the tournament, organized in the romanian capital Bucharest by the local basketball federation. Five teams took part - the top three Romanian teams - Dan Dacian, Laguna and Slam, our BUBA basketball and ...inexplicably national team of Macedonia. The tournament is organized at club level. However, the invited team from Macedonia - Junior came boosted with the best children of this age, collected from all side of their country.

BUBA basketball won all three meetings with the Romanian teams, two of them were large differences. In the third game against Laguna the end was very dramatic. Leading throughout the whole game, the players of BUBA controlled the match and despite of the efforts of opposite sides players of Emilia Krasteva won by a single point. Team Laguna is without doubt the best team for that age in Romania, which is set with very talented children and at the same time an ambitious coaching team.

But bulgarians responded well, fought very hard and deservedly triumphed in the end. BUBA proved to be a tough nut to crack and never give up. With the win over Laguna BUBA basketball practically is the moral winner in the Christmas tournament in the Romanian capital as their team was the best performing club team. Team of Macedonia was a national team playing at the club level tournament.

Macedonians came to Bucharest with the best they have from the whole country. We doubt that was a misunderstanding and it would not be surprising behavior if we specified that the leader of the group is their "famous" Macedonian coach Sasa Dimitrijevic. The guy knows no limits and conditions just to bring medals and cups for his club. The same coach who led several years older "fake " participants in BUBA Cup tournament with only one goal to win until was caught in his last participation two seasons ago and hasn't been invited anymore. So this coach was waving with a camera in one hand and one video camera in the other hand, snapping the scoreboard after every game to show how big his team is. Moreover, the only team that plays with blocks (which is illegal for this age) was exactly Macedonia. Yet in many periods of the meeting BUBA Basketball was equivalent to their opponents and Bulgarians can only regret that they didn't met the Macedonians at a later stage.

Our boys needed little time to get used to the new hall and the new rules, which were played in this tournament. Time was running except during the time- outs and even during the free throws. There was some other new things the Bulgarian team needed time to adjust. At the end everybody including kids feel sorry they didn't play with macedonians at the end.

Not surprisingly, after playing the last meeting coach of BUBA basketball Emilia Krasteva had a single question to the former player of Dunav 8806  Svetlana Dragusin - organizer of this wonderful initiative of the Romanian basketball federation.

"Please specify for next time - are we playing at the club or national teams level."

Because there is a difference, and I′m sure the best Bulgarian players from across the country at this age will punish very bad their opponents of Macedonian team. And we doubt Sasha Dimitrijevic will be running to snap the scoreboard with his two cameras.

The undisputed MVP of the tournament was BUBA basketball #23 Martin Anguelov, who was a class above of his opponents from all different teams. Besides him, the team of Laguna had two very talented children, also much better than the entire Macedonian team. Anguelov showed scoring abilities and also ran excellent his team and assisting very well to his teammates in every match.

Two twins from Bulgarian team Lachezar and Konstantin Toshkov also showed their talent and abilities to play very well at this stage. However coach Emilia Krasteva must be happy with contribution and the good performance of the whole BUBA team in this tournament.
Leader of the group this year in Bucharest once again was Biser Florov who helped for a perfect organization and comfort of Bulgarian team. His role as a guide showing some of the more notable culture values ​​of the Romanian capital .
Overall a very useful part of the tournament in Bucharest, excellent performance of Bulgaria on behalf of BUBA basketball and running bitterness on the Macedonian side of the face thanks to Dimitrijevic.
BUBA Basketball (12) will continue training in Sofia and prepare now for the match between parents and children, which will be held traditionally between Christmas and New Year's Eve.

The schedule for the first edition of BUBA Cup released

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